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Young Mother is an extremely strange Korean movie about an uncommon relationship. A 19 year old student has a major crush on his female teacher. One day, he is caught in an embarrassing act while alone in the classroom. Furthermore, he is caught by his teacher. Instead of punishing him or scolding him for such behavior in her classroom, she becomes excited. She decides to teach him the art of being together.

Eventually, they fall in love. The teacher quits her job so that she could marry her student. They move into her parents’ home. The marriage seems great, and the passion is certainly there. However, she cheats on him with another man. The man becomes furious and depressed and does not know what to do. They decide to separate.

While they have time apart, the man is still living in her parents’ home. Her mother goes to him and apologizes for her daughter. She says she will make it up to him no matter what. Immediately, he becomes excited and his depression fades away. The mother is very beautiful and he is attracted to her. He suggests something that could ruin her household.

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