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My P.S. Partner is a Korean movie that initially took the country off their seats with the title alone. People who watched the film without watching the trailer didn’t know what they were getting into. They expected one thing, but got something completely different.

The movie is about a guy and a girl who meet each other from a wrong number situation. The girl calls him thinking that he is her boyfriend and begins saying private words to him, without even giving him a chance to respond. After the whole thing is over, he asks her who is this and she becomes bewildered that a stranger had been listening to such private talk without letting her know.

Eventually, they become phone friends, and form a very deep relationship. Because they had never met each other, they are able to tell each other all kinds of secrets without feeling judged.

This all changes when they decide to meet. After they both have terrible days, they urge the comfort of each other but at a deeper level than just talking on the phone. They meet, and eventually begin to like each other. However, the girl has a long time boyfriend who won’t propose to her.

They eventually become like best friends. They depend on each other more than they do their boyfriend and girlfriend and they slowly realize that about each other. After a slight falling out period, the girl is set to be married. He bumps into her that day, and realizes that he must stop the wedding before it is too late.

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