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Miracle in Cell No.7 is a heart warming comedy about the love of a father for his daughter. Yong-Gu is a father, but he has an underdeveloped mind. Due to some mistakes, he accidentally harms the daughter of a village woman. He gets sentenced to capital punishment and is initially sent to Cell Number 7 in the state prison.

All of his cellmates are intimidated by him at first. His ominous presence and frightening rumors cause them to drop their spoons in fear when he enters the cell. They are blown away by what they see. Here is a man who is not scary at all, but very happy, with a slight mental disorder.

All of Yong-Gu’s cellmates are very kind-hearted. They form a close friendship with him, and later feel bad for him since he is not really a criminal with a bad heart. When they see how much he misses his daughter, they decide to surprise him by sneaking her into the cell.

Astonishingly, their plan works and Yong-Gu is reunited with his daughter again. Now, they must prevent the guards from finding out that a little girl is living in their cell or they would all receive severe punishment, and people would see that the security of the complex is very flawed.

Eventually, news gets out about the young girl living with her father. People’s hearts are touched by the story, and they try to help him. Getting redemption for such an act is very difficult, if not impossible. Will he be able to prove to the country that he is not a bad person, and take care of his daughter? Everyone is on their toes as the court room drama unfolds.

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