Watch Hide and Seek Korean Movie

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Hide and Seek is an amazing new thriller Korean movie released in 2013. A wealthy businessman lives with his wife and children in a gigantic apartment. He leads a secretive life and has a brother that he didn’t tell anybody about. Even his wife and children do not know about this brother. The reason is that he suffers from a mental illness.

One day, he receives a call that his brother is missing. When he visits the hospital, he finds that he was hiding underneath the bed. What he finds strange is that he is covered in strange symbols imprinted onto his body. They seem to mean something, but he does not know what.

In a separate town in Korea, another family suffers from a related incident. A mother lives with her daughter in a large apartment complex. However, she feels that somebody is living in her apartment with her. She looks for the person daily like in a game of hide and seek, but she cannot find them. The man and woman soon meet by coincidence. They learn that their cases are related to each other. There is somebody playing a strange game of hide and seek with them, and they must use the symbols to catch him.

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