Watch A Werewolf Boy Korean Movie

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The Werewolf Boy is a Korean movie released in 2013. It takes place Korea, but time zones take place in two different settings: one when they were younger, and a one when they were older. The woman visits her old childhood home. After visiting, she begins to remember a boy that she met.

The boy she saw was a werewolf. However, she was not afraid. In her young years as a child, she was able to look past the scary posture of the wolf and into the kindness and humanity of the boy. She spent a lot of time with him and taught him civilized behavior so that the boy could learn to live among the humans as one of them. However, when angry, the boy would turn into a raging beast. He would terrorize the neighborhood.

She had to leave him. However, she told him to wait. She never came back until now: 50 years later. Would he still be there? Would he remember her?

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