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26 Years is a Korean movie about revenge against a former military leader. In Guangju, a province of South Korea, a massacre occured 26 years ago. This was all led by a terrible leader who mercilessly ordered the elimination of all civilians in that section of the country.

Now, present day, the next generation of those families who suffered are outraged that he has returned to Korea as a government official. However, in history, it is not recorded that he is actually the one who commanded the deeds long ago. People look up to him as if he is a powerful official. The family members know this not to be true because they have seen their mother and father suffer. They have survived his reign, and now shiver and cry just at the sight of him on television.

One of the soldiers who was under his command 26 years ago, call five people to help him. At first, they are outraged that he was a part of the army that did the terrible deeds. However, they soon find that they all have a common goal: to bring the truth to the Korean people and convict the general.

This is very difficult to do because he is kept in a safe house. He, himself, knows that there are people out there that are passionate about destroying him, so he stays in a house that is heavily guarded by troops.

After failing multiple times, it seems that it is near impossible to get near him. Their course of action must change. Their initial goal of merely convicting the man will not do anymore.

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